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How to get there

From Bangkok to Ban phe

  • To travel from Bangkok to Ban phe with public transportation, take the bus or minibus from Akkamai station to Ban Phe.

  • To travel from Bangkok to Ban phe with a private car, get on Chalong Rat expressway. Follow Route 7 to Ban Pong and then take the exit toward Route 36 , Rayong. Follow Route 36 and Route 3 to Ban phe.

From Ban phe to Koh Samed

When arrived at Banphe, we recommend using Nuan thip pier or Phe pier. Speed boats and shuttle boats are available in both piers.(Speed boat takes about 15-20 minutes and shuttle boat takes about 45-50 minute from Ban phe to Koh Samed) However, Ferry service is only available at Phe pier. For those who drive a private car to Ban Phe, parking lots are available in every pier.

From Nadan Pier to Jirawan hotel

From Nadan pier, the customer can take the bus to Saikaew beach stop. Then, walk straight to the beach until you find the small road and restaurants. Turn right and walk about 20 meters, you will see the Jirawan hotel sign or the white office box.

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